Sunday, March 29, 2009

Radical Sonship Conference

My wife Sherry and I had the pleasure of attending the "Radical Sonship" conference in Atlanta Friday and Saturday. The conference was led by Steve McVey and Paul Anderson-Walsh. It was an awesome conference, which was made even better because I got to meet my some of my friends from the blogospere. There was Joel and Matthew, it was wonderful to finally get to see them face-to-face. I also met some new friends, Ryan and Jamie Weeks and John Fincher.

Here are some picts from the weekend:

Lazing around the hotel room

Me, Matt and Joel

Ryan and Jamie

John and Joel


Joel, Jamie, John, Matt, Me


Joel B. said...

Nice pictures, Gary. What an awesome weekend! Such sweet stuff that was being taught... and so sweet to finally meet you and Sherry and the others!

Bino M. said...

Gary - I just saw some pics at Jamie's blog. This is so great! You guys already look like longtime friends. Isn't it amazing what Christ's love can do to people? Thank you for posting these!

Judah Himango said...

Well now. At last I've seen a picture of the famous blogger Gary Kirkham. Cool :)

Gary Kirkham said...

Hi Joel, It was indeed a great weekend. It was so awesome that God would arrange to bring us together in that way.


Thanks for the kind words. I wish you could have made it, that would have made it even better.


Now wait a minute, perhaps you have so soon forgotten the fetching vision of loveliness I presented two Thanksgivings ago. :)

Matthew Campbell said...

Hey Gary! It was soo wonderful to finally meet you and your wife, Sherry!!! I caught my first glimpse of you outside the ballroom, at the top of the stairs and immediately yelled in my heart, "It's Gary!" It's so wonderful that we could all come together in person. I will treasure it for the rest of my life!!

Gary Kirkham said...

Hey Matt,

It was wonderful to finally meet you in person as well. I am hoping that all of us can get together again...maybe in Ohio. I am praying that God will provide the the way, if not then, maybe other times as well. Lord willing and the Church doesn't rise. :)


Matthew Campbell said...

It would be so cool if you guys could come to Ohio with us!!! I will most definitely pray about that!!

If the Church rises, I'll meet you there in New Jerusalem. :)

Gary Kirkham said...


Amen brother!

Joel B. said...

I agree, it would be so wonderful if you were able to make it to Ohio with us!!! I'll be praying along with y'all.