Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Radical Gratitude

No one receives anything — not by work, not by worth, not by wit — unless it is a gift.
There is only one category for everything that exists: Gift.
Self-made men don’t exist — only God-given gifts.
When you’re overwhelmed with the goodness of God to you — you overflow with the goodness of God to others.
Gratefulness doesn’t make us blithe little pollyannas. Gratefulness doesn’t make us comfortable  – it makes us radical. 
The radically grateful can never stand for injustice - because they are moved by radical grace.
You can’t know grace and not be moved. Grace starts movements.
Grace is a catalyst.
You haven’t discovered fire until you’ve discovered grace. When grace touches you, it combusts you and you become one unstoppable flame.
Right there, I want to beat my chest like a drum, like a repentance, like a call: Real gratitude doesn’t make you apathetic — it makes you a real activist.
Real gratitude isn’t an anesthetic — real gratitude makes you catalytic.
When gratitude to God revolutionizes your life, God uses you to revolutionize the world.
It’s why God said to give thanks in everything.
Radical Gratitude is the attitude of the revolutionaries.
Ann Voskamp

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