Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big Day

My daughter Michelle got married to Grant this past Saturday (7/7/07). Here are a few pictures from the wedding.

Altar before the wedding

Lighting the candle

Done Deal

Groom's Cake

Bride's Cake

Coming to the Reception

Getaway Car Decorated



Judah Himango said...

Heh, that's great, Gary. Congrats to Michelle, Grant, and yourself! You must be happy to see your daughter getting married.

Any pictures of dad with the bride?

Gary Kirkham said...

Pictures of dad, pffftt. I wouldn't inflict that on no one. :)

Judah Himango said...

Hahah, nice :-)

Sherry said...

I might just have to post a pic of You with the bride!

Judah Himango said...

Do it Sherry! :)