Saturday, December 01, 2007

What's the Hurry?

Joel's post and Matthews's post reminded me of something I read in Hannah Whitall Smith's book, "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life."

The lump of clay, from the moment it comes under the transforming hand of the potter, is, during each day and each hour of the process, just what the potter wants it to be at that hour or on that day, and therefore pleases him. But it is very far from being matured into the vessel he intends in the future to make it.

The little babe may be all that a babe could be, or ought to be, and may therefore perfectly please its mother, and yet it is very far from being what that mother would wish it to be when the years of maturity shall come.

The apple in June is a perfect apple for June. It is the best apple that June can produce. But it is very different from the apple in October, which is a perfected apple.

God's works are perfect in every stage of their growth. Man's works are never perfect until they are in every respect complete.

All that we claim then in this life of sanctification is, that by a step of faith we put ourselves into the hands of the Lord, for Him to work in us all the good pleasure of His will; and that by a continuous exercise of faith we keep ourselves there. This is our part in the matter. And when we do it, and while we do it, we are, in the Scripture sense, truly pleasing to God, although it may require years of training and discipline to mature us into a vessel that shall be in all respects to His honor, and fitted to every good work.

Indeed, God's works are perfect in every stage of their growth. Why is it so hard to rest there? Why do we get so impatient with where we are in our spiritual growth? Is it pride? Are we trying to live up to the expectations of others or up to what we **think** God expects of us? Yet how many parents can you think of who are actually in a hurry for their children to be grown?


Joel Brueseke said...

EVERY Christian NEEDS to know this stuff! I would bet that soooo many churches, families, ministries... businesses, schools... you name it... aren't what they could be because people are trying to go too fast!

Aida said...

I found your blog by following a link on Joel's blog. I also read Matthew's blog and was encouraged by all three posts.

Although I've been a believer for over 30 years, I've been on this journey of coming to know Father more deeply for about 10 years. Up until the last few months, it seems as though things were moving very slowly.

Then, I found Steve McVey's website and then Joel Brueseke's website. Since then, it seems like a lot of the loose pieces have been falling into place.

I went out to eat with a friend yesterday and, as I shared with her what I was learning, I just went on and on. I told her that after 30 years, I feel as though I'm finally getting somewhere as a believer. Talk about slow cookin'.

As a result, all three posts really connected with me. For some time now, I've been feeling like I need to be out there doing something for God but your blogs all encouraged me to just enjoy my growing relationship with Father and not worry about the quietness of my life. He'll take care of that in time, my responsibility is draw closer to him and allow him to teach me about his grace and his love.

Sorry I could only comment on one blog but all of you guys have shared some awesome stuff. Thanks to all of you.


Gary Kirkham said...

Amen, brother!

Thanks for dropping by. I am happy that you were encouraged by these posts. 30 years seems like a long time, and it is, from our perspective. But to God, it is only a breath. We are often tempted to look back on our past and lament to ourselves, "I wish I could have understood this stuff sooner." But there is no need to do that, because God revealed it to you in His time and for His purposes. Rest there and be joyful. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

In Christ,

Aida said...

Thanks for sharing that, Gary. I used to be caught up in the "what if's" and I've said that to myself many times. But learning about this grace walk has brought tremendous peace in my life and I'm finally learning what it means to rest in God. Understanding that God's not interested in what I can do for him but instead he's wanting to live his life through me has really set me free to just enjoy where I am in this journey.


lydia joy said...

This was an excellent an helpful post, I love the examples....I would love to send this to my former church, :)
The one about the little babe hits home the most for me, as I have 4 boys, one of them currently 6 months old......anyway, thanks for sharing!

Gary Kirkham said...

You're welcome, Lydia