Monday, August 04, 2008

Only Believe!

Cast yourself into the arms of your Father who gives His children the Holy Spirit much more readily than an earthly father gives his children bread. Only believe and count on the love of God. All your self-dedication and surrender, all of your faith and integrity, are not works by which you have to move God or make Him willing to bless you. Far from it.

God desires to bless you and will Himself work everything in you. God loves you as a Father and sees that, to be able to live in perfect health and happiness as His child, you have need of nothing but this one thing - to be full of His Spirit. Jesus has by His blood opened up the way to the full enjoyment of this love.

Enter into this love, abide in this love, and by faith, acknowledge that it shines on and surrounds you, even as the light of the sun illuminates and animates your body. Begin to trust this love. I do not say trust in its willingness, but in its unspeakable longing to fill you entirely with itself. Your Father's love waits to make you full of His Spirit. He Himself will do it for you.

Andrew Murray


Joel B. said...

Wow... great words! A wonderful reminder of simple truth.

Gary Kirkham said...


I have been reading through "The Practice of God's Presence" and ran across was a wonderful reminder to me as well. It is a pretty thick book, so it has taken me a while to read it. I like Andrew Murray, but his style is a little tedious to read...he is prone to run-on sentences. After this I think I will go back and finish "Holiest of All."

I am also reading "The Indwelling Life of Christ" by Major Thomas. It has been good as well.

In Christ,