Friday, October 09, 2009

Bo's Cafe

I just finished reading it. It normally takes me a couple of weeks to read a book, but I read this one in two days. To me, it's kind of got the "feel" of some of the other books Windblown has published, but without all the buzzwords. I highly recommend it. Here is one of my favorite passages:

"Grace is a gift that only the nonreligious can accept. They're the only ones who can get it. They're the only ones who can use it. Religious folks see grace as soft. So they keep trying to manage their junk with their own willpower and tenacity. Nothing defines religion quite as well as a bunch of people trying to do impossible tasks with limited power while bluffing to themselves that it's working...It takes a whole lot more than willpower to get anything done in the human heart. You gotta allow yourself to receive something you can't find on your own."


Going Goofy said...

I'm amazed you read it that fast!

Joel B. said...

It usually takes me a few years to get through a book! :) And I'm really not kidding. It's not because the books are bad, but my attention span - I have a hard time sitting, reading for too long, and I end up putting the book down and then picking up another book somewhere else and the circle continues...! But sometimes I do find a book that's hard to put down, and when I get to Bo's Cafe I have a feeling it'll be one of those.

Gary Kirkham said...


They say that if a book doesn't have you hooked in the first 50 pages, you will end up putting it down. I think that is true in my case if I am reading the book more for entertainment. If I am reading a book that may teach me something, like Grace Walk, it usually takes me much longer. In that case I tend to read and then reread and then ponder and then read some more.


Joel B. said...

Yep I've definitely done that with various good books. I've actually read Grace Walk four times... which is a record for me. :) I've read it twice by myself and twice with groups. However, all in all I've read it much more than that, since I've picked it up and reread various parts several times.

There are other good books that I've either made it all the way through, or I've made it most of the way through, and I've also picked up at other times and have read bits and pieces.

I've told others, as well, that I have a hard time reading fiction. Again, it's my attention span. :) If I get into a good fiction book, I end up putting it down because I can't sit there and read for a great length of time. Then time passes, and I need to start over to remind myself where I was. =D I started The Shack two or three times, and I ended up not finishing it. Not because I don't like it, but for the reason I just said. I'm definitely much more of a nonfiction person.

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