Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dear Friend,

I make the glad announcement to you that the Lord is in your heart. Since the day of your conversion He has been dwelling there, but you have lived on in ignorance of it. Every moment during all that time might have been passed in the sunshine of His sweet presence, and every step have been taken under His advice. But because you knew it not, and did not look for Him there, your life has been lonely and full of failure.

But now that I make the announcement to you, how will you receive it? Are you glad to have Him? Will you throw wide open every door to welcome Him in? Will you joyfully and thankfully give up the government of your life into His hands? Will you consult Him about everything, and let Him decide each step for you, and mark out every path?

Will you invite Him into your innermost chambers, and make Him the sharer in your most hidden life? Will you say "YES" to all His longing for union with you, and with a glad and eager abandonment hand yourself and all that concerns you over into His hands? If you will, then shall your soul begin to know something of the joy of union with Christ.

Hannah Whitall Smith

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