Saturday, January 05, 2013

My faith

My faith wasn't arrived at by logic and scientific proof of God and, as such, it can't be defeated by logic or science.  I won't use either to justify my faith and it is useless to use either to attack my faith.

My faith doesn't depend on a particular version of the bible or how men may interpret it.

My faith doesn't depend on the bible being inerrant or interpreted literally.  I know that puts me at odds with most of Christiandom, but so be it.  I'm open for God to change my mind.  For example, I don't believe God ordered the Jews to kill anyone, especially women and children.  I believe they attributed it to God in order to justify themselves.  I also don't buy into the intellectual contortions people have used to try to explain it away and make God seem less evil.  And no, I'm not calling God evil.  There are some that say it is dangerous for a person to decide for themselves what to believe and not believe about the bible.  However, is it any less dangerous leaving it up to man to decide what an inerrant or literally interpreted bible says and means?

I wasn't frightened into faith by fear of hell or even lured in by the reward of heaven.  I don't even know what heaven and hell really are, anymore.  There is much angst in me about the way men have interpreted the bible to define each place and have used both as a weapon to manipulate others.

My faith didn't grow in church, it only helped me become a good actor.  However, it was the internal conflict that the "performing art" that is the modern church created within me that ultimately led me to walk away from it.

My faith is a fluid thing.  Sometimes God occupies the forefront of my thoughts and other times it seems like I don't know Him.  Many times my faith is complex and exhausting and at other times there is the simplicity that is devotion to Christ that the bible promises.  Those states of my faith bring good feelings and bad, but each are couched in the deep trust that God is always with me no matter what I may be feeling or how badly I may be acting.  I have things to learn from each experience.

Where my faith will lead me, I do not know...

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