Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Assurance of Grace

What the law demands from us, grace promises and performs for us. The law deals with what we should do, whether we can do it or not. The law, motivating us out of fear and love, stirs us up to do our best. But it gives no real strength and thus only leads to failure and condemnation. Grace points to what we cannot do and offers to do it for us and in us.

The law comes with commands on stone or in a book. Grace comes in a living, gracious Person who gives His presence and His power.

The law promises life if we obey. Grace gives life, even the Holy Spirit, with the assurance that we can obey.

Andrew Murray


Bino M. said...

Great quote, Gary!

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that the sinful nature still present within every believer tends towards a legalistic spirit as much as it tends toward sin. The sinful nature despises the righteousness that comes by faith in Jesus Christ as much as it despises the ethical righteousness that comes from obeying God's law. If we are going to serve in the newness of the Spirit, we must resist the legalistic spirit of trying to "live by the law" as vigorously and persistently as we do temptations to sin.

"Penn State fan"